Best Niches for Blogging in India in 2019

In today's word blogging is getting tuff day by day so if you want to start a blog then it is very important that you select a good niche so that you can rank your blog and get success in blogging.

Best Niches for Blogging in India in 2019

Let us discuss some important benefits of choosing the Right Niche.

Importance of Choosing Right Niche

  1. Get Authority - By writing about a particular niche, you will get a better idea on that particular topic and you can write much better than anyone else on that topic and through this way, your readers, as well as Search engines, think that you have an authority on that topic.
  2. Better ranking - By writing good content on a particular topic search engines started listing you the top in their search result and though this you get better ranking in the search engines.
  3. Better monetization - Whether you use Google AdSense or any other ad network to monetize your blog you will surely get better earnings by selecting the right niche.

Now you know the importance of selecting the right niche for your website so here I am going to share a list of Top 10 best Niches for Blogging in India in 2019.

So let's get started.......👍

Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India in 2019

 1   Jobs & Careers 

Jobs and careers are one of the best topics that you can select for your blogging carrier. There are very few authority blogs that are present on this topic and by providing good content you can become an authority blog on this niche.

 2   Health and Fitness 

Health and fitness are one of the hottest topics you can think about. There is less competition on this topic but outside India, There are some good blogs on this topic but if you want to work for the Indian traffic then this niche can become the best niche for your blog.

 3   Technology 

Technology is one of the most popular niches for blogging. But this niche is quite tough but you can easily write about it. Technology is the most profitable niche for blogging as the CPM rates on this niche is very high.

 4   Sports - Cricket & IPL 

There is a lack of good sports blogs in India, especially about cricket you can fill this gap by creating a blog on this niche and covering all the events, people love to read your blog and moreover, you can make a good amount.

 5   Entertainment 

This is the niche on which you can write so many posts. It's one of the easiest niches and that's why this niche also has a little bit competition but if you sincerely do your job then surely you get better ranking then anyone else.

 6   Dating & Relationship 

The dating niche is one of the most trending niches, the new generation is coming to the internet for finding out relationship and dating tips and you can help them through your blogs.

 7   Automobile 

Between the younger generation, the automobile is very popular many young students have a passion for cars and bikes so you can use their passion as a niche for your blog.

 8   Real estate 

Real estate and properties are also a very good niche for your blog. If you know a little bit about this niche then definitely you get success in this niche.

 9   Banking & Finance 

Banking and finance are a very common niche but in India, only a few bloggers are working on it. Millions of people search for banking and finance solution, so if you have any idea then start writing on it.

 10   Arts & Culture 

There is not even a single website you can name which is working on the Arts & Culture niche in India. Although arts and culture is a difficult niche and not every one of you could write on it but it could be very profitable if you write.

So I hope that the list of Best niches for Blogger In India In 2019 is helpful for you. If you like this article then do share it with your friends and comment down that which niche is your favorite.

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